London’s Television Industry

London Weekend Television, or LWT, was launched in August 1968 and broadcast from 5.15pm on Fridays to 6am on Monday mornings. London Weekend Television was owned by the London Television Consortium (LTC) and was offered the contract to serve London viewers at weekends. London Weekend Television purchased Redifussions studio site at Wembley, although there was controversy concerning the sale. London Weekend Television held the London weekend broadcasting contract from 1968 to 2002.

This contract was originally held by ATV London, who held the London Weekend franchise from 1955 until London Weekend Television took over in 1968. ATV’s studios and head offices were based in Elstree, Greater London. ATV ceased broadcasting altogether in 1982. Thames Television held the contract for London weekday television programming from 1968 until 1992, under ITV license. Thames Television had offices in Teddington as well as studios in Wembley.

Carlton Television took over the franchise for London weekday television programming from 1992, from Monday mornings at 9.25am to Friday evenings at 17.15pm. Carlton Television is now managed as a single entity as ITV London along with London Weekend Television, and has been branded as ITV1 since 2002. The first ever television program broadcast by Carlton Television was from Trafalgar Square, on New Year’s Eve 1993.

The London Studios, which are also referred to as LWT Studios, The London Television Centre and ITV Studios, are owned by LWT. The London Studios are located on the South Bank and are also hired out to other television broadcasting companies.