London’s Advertising Industry

London is a centre for the UK's advertising industry and home to some of the world’s leading advertising and marketing communications agencies. The IPA is the trade body for the advertising industry and counts more than two hundred and sixty prominent advertising agencies as members, with over one hundred and sixty in London alone, from Soho to Paddington and Bank. Approximately eighty five percent of all advertising spend in the UK is handled between these agencies, across a wide range of disciplines. The IPA has offices in Belgravia Square in the borough of Westminster.

The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA)
44 Belgrave Square

The Advertising Standards Authority is responsible for and the independent regular of advertising across London and the UK, for all types of media including print, television, radio, publishing and marketing on websites. The Advertising Standards Authority aims to ensure that advertisers stick to the Advertising Codes, and enforce them where necessary. Advertising Standards Authority is funded by the industry, not by the taxpayer, and makes it easier for the public to make complaints when necessary.

The Advertising Codes, as laid down by the Committee of Advertising Practice, include a number of general rules which state that advertising must not offend, harm or mislead the public. Along with these are some specific advertising rules which include advertising for gambling, financial products, alcohol, health and advertising to children. Approximately 62% of all complaints made to the Advertising Standards Authority every year are in regards to misleading claims by advertisers.

The UK Code of Broadcast Advertising applies to all broadcast advertisements including television advertisements, teleshopping, television text and self promotional television channels. The UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising applies to all non-broadcast marketing communications, including sales promotions and direct marketing. The Advertising Codes cover:

You can submit a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority by phoning 020 7492 2222 or online. Alternatively you can write to the ASA using the address below:

Advertising Standards Authority
71 High Holborn